About Hireth

Hireth is a co-production between o-region and Palores Productions.


o-region was co-founded in Cornwall in 2002 to explore new ways of telling stories through film and theatre, and support and encourage the work of local writers, directors, actors, artists and filmmakers.

Our members and collaborators have been involved with numerous projects across Cornwall and beyond, ranging from short films to full-length features, and from small-scale theatre shows to major national tours.

The company was founded by Carl Grose (Kneehigh, Radio 4, National Theatre) and Simon Harvey (Kneehigh / Blackfish / Rabbit Theatre), who is the company’s Artistic Director.


Palores Productions

Palores Productions was founded by Edward Rowe. The company has produced his three recent Kernow King shows, as well as “Trevithick!” and “The Cornish Caretakers” which tours 35 primary schools next year after premiering at The Royal Cornwall Museum in Spring 2018. Also in production for 2019 is “Ferguson’s Gang” which tells the story of the legendary all-female gang who raised money for the National Trust. Continuing the theme of history meeting fiction is a show based on the much-loved Cornwall Coliseum and two bouncers who spent much of their lives working there.

Through Palores, Edward also works with the residents at Cosgarne Hall in St Austell and leads workshops at secondary schools and colleges in Cornwall and Devon to help young people build their confidence.